Services Offered:

Jace Consulting is a Business Consultancy based in Durban, South Africa, that provides solutions and services to SME's and businesses in most sectors.

We can assist in various aspects of your business from startup through to wage disputes and employee dismissals.
  1. Quality Services - We take companies with their assistance to the attainment of certification with statutory ISO organisations and Maintain Existing Systems
    • This will include full in-depth investigation of your QA systems
    • Running the entire system with Designated Company Representative
    • Setting up management systems to run the ISO system
    • Assisting in the Total Document Control of the System
    • Auditing to the SABS 19011.2003 standards
    • Closing out all audit Findings and Corrective Actions
  2. Procurement Management - Look at present system and assist with BEE compliance with relation with supplier profiles.
  3. Costing /Company Profiles - Investigate systems which will realise variance reporting and providing assistance for aid from organisations
  4. Tenders - Assist with governmental Tenders in respect of procedures and guidelines.
  5. Textile Assistance - Prepared to assist in product development and project analysis.
  6. Production - Analysis of systems to provide sustained solutions.
  7. Human Resources - Employment Contracts, Disciplinary Hearings, Company Policies , Skills Development Programs , BEE Accredit, Employment Equity Reports

About Jace
Jace Naidoo is a trusted individual with over 20 years of experience in corporate legislature and human resources.

He has spent many of his carreer years in the service industry, providing his employers with active project management as well as exceptional management skills.

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